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Hosting a big event can be overwhelming and a challenging task for even the most organized person. If you are catering it yourself, you have the added stress of figuring out what food to buy and in what quantities as well as coordinating the cooking and preparation of the food. Even if you're hiring a catering service, all that coordinating and decision-making can be a lot.
Of course, the main thing you need to do to make things easier on yourself is to get organized. First off, you need a list of the people you're inviting to the event so that you can get a head count. The next thing is to decide on the style of event and the food that you be serving in this really depends on the type of event. If it's a wedding, you might want a served meal but if you are having a graduation or 25th anniversary you might opt for a barbecue.

No matter what the event is, you going to need the proper decorations, serving utensils, dinnerware, drink glasses and other decor such as napkins, candelabras, silk flowers, food warmers and so on. If you're hiring an event catering service then they'll probably take care of most of the stuff for you. If you are self catering the event then you may need to go out your local party store and see what type of things are available for rental.

Whether you were doing things yourself or hire a catering service you do need to plan many months in advance. The better event catering services might even be booked a year in advance so the sooner you know about your party the better. Even if you are catering it yourself, you'll need to consider hiring help for serving or at least line up some friends or relatives that can help you out on the big day.

Proper planning is the key to pulling off your catered event and you want to have some sort of a timeline as to when you need to get things done. You might want to get the calendar for this starting a month or so in advance and be writing down what needs to be accomplished on each day. First you’ll be sending out invitations, then buying the food, then figuring out which dishes you can prepare and freeze before hand etc... As you get closer to the day of the event, they'll be more and more things on the to-do list.

While planning a big event can be stressful, being organized and planning things out thoroughly can help your event be huge success.

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